InvisaGig Feature Requests

Do you have a feature that you’d like to see added to the InvisaGig software in a future update?

…or maybe you have a physical hardware version feature request you’d like to see incorporated in the InvisaGig product?

Post your requests and ideas here, for all to converse and talk about.

You never know, you might get your idea put into the next update or version!

This maybe too much to ask due to firmware limitations. Have a setting that would check the bandwidth speeds of available channels locally of both lte and 5g then choose options based on that. Like maximize upload(streaming/ servers attached to invisagig), Max Download, Balanced, Most reliable (based on signal strength) etc…

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This is actually on the roadmap internally. It’s definitely something we are looking into.

When done manually it takes multiple steps and potentially 20-30 minutes of running tests.

Turning this into a ‘quick’ automated process is going to take some trickery and likely will still be a long process.

I think this is the reason even the billion dollar companies don’t have this feature done in any meaningful way.

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If there can be a log files feature for the modem, would really be helpful for troubleshooting in times something does not working as expected.

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The typical logged values given, like on router systems, is actually logged by the router/host and uses the USB driver interfaces (MBIM/QMI and URCs) between the router and the modem. Since we aren’t interfacing in this way, we don’t have the same level of logging available. The core Qualcomm interfaces also do not provide a human readable debug or logging output that would be useful for connectivity troubleshooting…

BUT we are working on making it much easier to troubleshoot uptime/downtime/connectivity.

That make senses. Thanks for the info and looking forward for the next release.

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