InvisaGig updates - 04-25-2024

Hey everyone!

We wanted to drop a quick announcement with some news and updates.

IG Software

We are hard at work on the next InvisaGig software update, and hope to start beta testing in the next few weeks. The public release will be available shortly after if all goes well. Keep an eye out for v1.0.12!

If you want to know what we are working on, regarding updates in the software, you can always check our changelogs here: InvisaGig Change Logs - InvisaGig Official Forum

Next Gen

We are also making some exciting progress on the next generation of InvisaGig 5G, along with some much anticipated hardware design changes!

Keep tuned for announcements in the near future!


Don’t forget your voice is extremely important to us, so please post any questions, concerns, comments or of course, kudos here any time:

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Very much looking forward to the new version of software. Thanks.

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