V1.0.2 - March 2023

v1.0.2 - March 2023

Bugs Remediated

  • Resolved cell lock uptime check parsing error which resulted in error output (no end-user impact).
  • When choosing a “Network Mode” of LTE only, the user still received a prompt to select NSA/SA mode enablement. This selection is not relevant to LTE only connections and so it was removed. The “Modem Info” output was subsequently updated so that NSA/SA enablement status is no longer shown if the selected Network Mode is LTE only.

Feature Changes/Additions

  • Created a new “frontend” menu which replaces the previous config menu. This menu only has options for “Modem Info”, “Live Signal”, and “Login”. The “Login” requires the user to enter a password to enter the main menu which contains all other selections.
  • Added a “Change Password” option to the main (authenticated) menu which allows the user to set a password of their choosing (requiring them to enter it twice to confirm prior to it being set to the active password).
  • Changed “Cell Locks” to “Tower Locks” for clarity.