V1.0.10 - December 2023

v1.0.10 - December 2023

Bugs Remediated

  • Fixed ‘syntax error’ repeating output on Live Signal experienced when modem was in between band connections
  • Fixed missing LTE bands list when Network Mode was set to “LTE:NR5G” w/ NSA disabled and the modem was connected to LTE only.
  • Updated color coding of Live Signal and Internet Status (on Modem Info screen) outputs so that they are legible when DarkMode is activated.
  • Resolved an issue with 5G SA Tower Locking where SCS values entered in Mhz were not accepted.
  • Resolved an issue when locking multiple LTE tower cells where the lock command was generated with an incorrect number of pairs

Feature Enhancements

  • Combined all network information into one section at the top of ‘Modem Info’ directly under the ‘INTERNET STATUS’
  • Internet status check updated to use more advanced validation logic which more accurately reflects the end user’s actual connectivity state
  • Added ‘CURRENT NETWORK MODE’ under the Network Mode menu for easy reference of the current setting.
  • Added ‘CURRENT TIME’ and ‘UPTIME’ to the Modem Info page
  • Optimized local interface rebuild in the event of carrier disconnects
  • DarkMode toggle option added to the main menu
  • Added a caching mechanism for ‘warning’ texts so that they only appear once per session
  • Scheduled Restart added allowing the user to schedule hourly, daily, or weekly restarts of the IG device. Timezone is localized to the IG’s UTC time (established by NTP once the modem is connected to the carrier).
  • Connection WatchDog added which, when enabled, will check Internet connectivity of the device at the user specified interval.
    • If connection is lost, WatchDog will check for any active tower lock and remove it first to see if that restores the connection. If connection is still not restored or there is no active tower lock, the unit will reboot to attempt to restore the connection.
    • The preset intervals the user can select for the connection check to run at are 5, 15, and 30 minutes.
  • Carrier Profiles were added for:
    • T-Mobile Business Internet w/ Static IP
    • MetroPCS
    • Verizon Home Internet
    • Tracfone / Straight Talk
    • MobileX
    • AT&T LTE Phone
    • AT&T 5G Hotspot/Tablet
    • AT&T 5G Phone
    • Cricket
  • Local IP & Multiple Modem Setup prompt verbiage was updated to improve clarity on how to disable IP Passthrough if desired
  • Significantly overhauled Tower Scanning & Locking integrating them into a single menu option (‘Local Tower Search & Lock’). Now when selecting a tower type (LTE or 5G SA) the user can either proceed to a scan of their local tower cells or manually enter the parameters to lock tower cell(s). If a scan is performed, the results are now a numbered list which the user can select from.
    • For LTE cells, the user can select either a single numbered cell from the list, or select multiple cells (comma separated) which will lock the corresponding cells.
    • For 5G cells, the user can select one numbered cell from the list to lock it.
    • All scan results now show the eNB/gNB Tower ID which can be used to locate the physical location of the cell site using resources such as Cell Mapper etc. (assuming the site is present and recorded in the datasource).
    • Scan results are grouped by carrier then sorted by signal strength; both in descending order.
    • Color coding is applied to carrier and signal strengths for ease of visual analysis and to match Live Signal color coding of signal metrics
  • Various security enhancements

Feature Roadmap

  • Establish an interface to publish modem metrics for telemetry consumption
  • Implement User Profiles allowing users to quickly toggle between multiple configurations
  • Integrate Tailscale functionality for secure remote access