Some Features that may help you get started and connected

Here a few commands that are not in the normal main menu. Make sure you log in first, with your password.

Note, some of these features may not always be supported and may impact your use of the device. Please always know your local State regulations on cellular wireless radios and the effects of doing anything stated here, or anywhere. Nothing posted here should be followed or viewed if you do not know your local laws and/or intend on improper use.
[If there is no legal issue present for you, in your country, click the blurred section below to reveal. Reading is a submission of understanding and consent]

If using a data plan like the T-Mobile Home Internet, in the US, the following will be required. This is also true for most any data plan that is typically locked to the device the carrier provided with the plan.

Making sure your IMEI is correct

Log into the main menu of the InvisaGig with your password, then instead of entering a numbered menu option, type in the ALL CAPS word:


Then follow the prompts.

Note 1: FSN means “Factory Serial Number”. This can be left blank if preferred.

Note 2: Modifying the IMEI of any device is illegal in some countries outside of the US. It is frowned upon in the US, but currently not found to be illegal in the act itself. You MUST check your local laws on your own.
The use of this tool is used at your own discretion, and risk.
We only recommend you check IMEIs from devices that you own yourself. Copying IMEI numbers of any device you do not own we HIGHLY discourage, and is considered theft.

TTL Settings

By default, the TTL setting on the InvisaGig is set to 65. This can be verified on the Modem Status page.

If you need this to be different, log into the main menu of the InvisaGig, with your password. Instead of entering a menu option at the prompt, type in the ALL CAPS word:


Then follow the prompts.

This sets the IPV4 and IPV6 TTL and HL.

Note: IPv6 HL will let some traffic through. This is on purpose, for connection stability reasons. There are some particular IPv6 packets that must go through with a different TTL value. This traffic may get counted towards hotspot data on your plan.

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