Post your best Speed Tests!

Show your speeds!

Some of the more common speed tests out there:

and for streaming specifically:

Post us up screenshots of your best speeds, and if you’re mobile tell us where you grabbed those speeds!

NOTE: If you are having connectivity trouble and you’re not getting the best speeds, this is not the place to post. Please post in the Support Section for help with your InvisaGig connection.

My best so far:

Captured from the side of the road near a REALLY good tower a few miles from the house.

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Mine at the house.

Still have to survey around the house for best signal.

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Welcome to the forum @SteeledPick !!


What are your signal metrics and how are you connected to it?

Carrier and plan?

Also, what speedtest is that?

Wrong pic, Can’t edit due to slow mode being active.

Disabled for now. Try again if you can.

Working perfectly, No issue at all.

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Wondering why upload is so slow…

Likely on n41 stand alone, orrrrr your signal metrics may tell more.

I’ll bet on the n41. It’s just not provisioned for uploads.

If you swapped to LTE+5G NSA no SA, you might see an upload improvement, assuming your signal is good.

Moved my Antenna (still inside, will move it outside in the future.

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I am on T-Mobile Home Internet Plan. I am 1.5 miles away from the cell without direct line of sight, there are hills and trees between. This is my typical 5G-NSA speeds. At non-peak time, such as early in the morning, it usually peaked around 830 MBPS down and 50 MBPS or so up. With 5G-SA, I can get over 900 MBPS down for the best but will scarify on upload, usually below 10 MBPS for the most.

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Nice! Which app is that?

This is from Asus iOS App. Basically a API on the router to test WAN speed.

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Showing logs of speed tests with Invisagig installed on top of cabinet inside the house about 8’. Speeds around 200 down / 10ish up. Installed Invsagig in Quadlink antenna up 20’ on 5/1 at 5:55pm. Speeds roughly doubled, especially upload speed. But they do vary. Using Tmobile and unit is attaching to Band 2 LTE and Band 41n 5G. LTE signal improved somewhat but not as much as I thought - reads around -100dbm +/-. 5G signal seemed to improve around 10dbm with move to 20’up, moved outside, and installed in Quadlink. Live 5G signal generally in the green zone.


So far, best speed with 5G-SA configuration with waveform external antenna. In average, it has been around 900/25 area.

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Wow! That is great!!
n41 for the win for sure!

If they would just open up a little more upload. :slight_smile:

Nearly 50 up is plenty for just about anyone, but still! :wink:

Agreed. Unless for heavy upload, anything above 20 would enough. With 5G-SA, I am seeing 2 x n41 aggregation with total of 180MHz bandwidth. I used to see x65 can aggregate another n25, but haven’t seen that lately. Just wondering if T-Mobile disabled on my tower or the current software limited such.