Inability to Access the InvisaGig Config Page Using TP-Link Archer Routers


After successful connection to the cellular carrier, the InvisaGig (IG) configuration URL (, by default) is not accessible from LAN clients when the IG is connected the WAN of a TP-Link Archer or TL-WR*, TL-WD* series router.


IP Passthrough is enabled by default for all IG units so the IP address assigned to the TP-Link WAN interface may change to a different range (ex.,, etc.) once the IG connects to the cellular provider network. Some routers such as the TP-Link Archer series clear the cached route to the IG configuration IP subnet when the new address is assigned which leaves LAN clients without a way of reaching the IG configuration page.


  • Visit (or IP address of your router) and log in with your TP-Link ID or the local user credentials you set for the router.
  • Go to Advanced > Network > Routing.
  • Click Add and populate all fields for the Routing Entry:

Network Destination:
(This is the default IG IP; this may be different if you have changed the IP)
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Interface: WAN

Click SAVE then check the resulting Routing Table to validate the entry was added.

See screenshot below for field reference when adding the Routing Entry:

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