How do you have your InvisaGig Installed?

Show off your InvisaGig install!

Are you using yours in your RV? How/where is it installed?

Do you have an external antenna? a QuadLink?

Show off that InvisaGig, or maybe even tell us how you installed it, tutorial style!

I can see the tower through my office window–excellent signal strength. I have it connected to a netgear orbi system.

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Mine just simply paired with Waveform 4x4 antenna which is on top of my garage rooftop. I am using ASUS Zenwifi Pro XT12 as router.

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Installed 20’ off the ground. Pointed to TMobile tower 2.25 miles away and up 900’ from my property elevation.

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Love the QuadLink installs…100%

Drip loop too. :white_check_mark: