Data Usage in past n days?

Can the Invisigig Admin panel track and report our data usage during the last “n” days? If not, is there another way to get this information?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Some Routers have a Traffic/bandwidth meter that will show your monthly usage. Some will show data volume for each connection. Some will even break down the data per connection per day.

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This is easier done on your connected router, but we can add it to the list of requests for sure!

For now this isn’t on our near future roadmap, as logging this type of data is a bit more in depth and resource intensive than you would think.

@ryan may be able to input better than I though.

We can certainly look into this to provide high level detail on data usage but will certainly need to weigh the cost/benefit on this as you mentioned since it would require writing more data to persistent storage in order for it to persist between reboots. We greatly limit this activity now in order to prevent undue wear on the flash storage.

Especially for tracking this type of usage in granular detail, the better solution may be to expose live metrics from a telemetry interface which can be ingested into data lake or similar repository for analysis and graphing. This type of interface is already on our roadmap :slight_smile:

In the meantime, most cellular carriers offer customer portals which will provide a daily breakdown of data used along with a sum of all data used per billing period. I use the T-Mobile app weekly to check my family’s usage currently.

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